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More and more coworking spaces are popping up around the globe, but what’s all the fuss about?

Prior to the pandemic, the idea of working at home or working remotely felt like a dream. Now we know that it’s actually a mixed bag, with its own sets of challenges and frustrations. Yet according to Pew Research Center, 61% of workers are choosing to avoid the office too.

Coworking spaces can be a great option for those of us who are currently working from home, remotely or in a hybrid work model. With millions of U.S. workers currently using these workspaces on a regular basis, it’s clear that today’s remote workforce is taking advantage of them. And as a result coworking spaces are now popping up everywhere. They’re projected to surpass 40,000 venues by 2024.

These spaces, dotted around the U.S. and across the globe, are easy to search for using our online marketplace. As the largest global network of flexible office spaces, you have access to over 10,500 locations in 2,500 cities.

But what’s all the fuss about? Is it worth seeking out one of these hotspots and trying it for yourself?

In recent study by Ergonomic Trends, when asked where individuals would like to work that is not the company office, coworking spaces came in second, only behind working from home.

All the stats show these are winning workplaces, but how can they benefit you?

1. More Focus

Both traditional and home offices can present a lot of distractions. According to a GCUC survey, 84% say working in a coworking space makes them more engaged and motivated. These spaces can often provide a place to focus that other ‘third place’ venues like coffee shops don’t. Most coworking spaces offer specific areas for ‘heads down’ type of work like private offices, quiet zones and phone booths. Coworking spaces come in many shapes and sizes, but bottom line, they are professional workplaces where you have a better chance of getting things done.

2 .Stable Connectivity

As a large proportion of the global workforce continue to work remotely, having good WiFi is crucial. An unstable internet connection is not only frustrating, but it can also impede your work. At a coworking space, however, you don’t have to deal with these kinds of issues. Most coworking spaces provide high-speed and reliable wireless internet. Their members depend on connectivity for high-bandwidth tasks like web conferencing, data uploads and video streaming. By contrast, if you’re working at home, you’re often dependent on your building or block’s internet connection.

3. Enhanced Productivity & Efficiency

According to research by Deskmag and Deskwanter, 74% of employees are more productive in a coworking environment. Why? Because your focus and energy fluctuates throughout the day, and coworking spaces offer a wide range of working environments that cater to different working modes. They provide a greater variety of work settings than a traditional workspace, yet more structure than working from home. As these are intentionally designed spaces, equipped with natural lighting, background music, and moderate air temperatures, you’re sure to feel more energized and relaxed.

4. Reduced Anxiety & Loneliness

One of the hazards of remote work is social isolation and burnout. Working alone can contribute to feelings of loneliness or anxiety. Coworking spaces can help to lessen these feelings, with 83% of workers reporting that they are less lonely since joining one. That’s because they provide a social atmosphere where you have the chance to form meaningful connections. Here, like-minded individuals can meet, serve as an inspiration for one another, or even mentor each other along the way. 54% of coworkers say they even socialize with other members outside of the coworking space after work and during weekends. Getting out of the house for some face-to-face collaboration could make all the difference.

5. A Change of Scenery

Did you know that change can make you happier? Newly-released research shows a change in scenery and routine can be uplifting. If you feel like your workdays at home are blending together into one endless mass, consider changing your workspace for a few days. You can explore new surroundings and meet new people to find new ideas. Change can also inspire creativity; coworking allows to you to see different things that you wouldn’t necessarily see every day at home.

6. Well-Designed & Guaranteed Cleanliness

The pandemic forced most large employers to send employees home, as their open floor plans were too crowded and presented too great a risk. Many coworking spaces, however, stayed open and implemented distancing and cleaning policies in hopes of keeping some form of normality for their members. These practices continue to this day, as coworking operators know that guests and members will only show up if hygiene standards are exceptionally high. A 2017 study shows employees report a higher level of work satisfaction when measured cleanliness is better

Well-designed spaces also breed satisfaction. Spaces that are elegant, spacious, organized and well-maintained can make anyone feel more productive and efficient. When you have a clean, beautiful workspace, you can devote more energy to completing projects as quickly and efficiently as possible.

7. Close-to-home facilities & amenities

For maximum productivity, the coworking space you choose should offer everything you need. Coworking spaces vary in terms of amenities, but most have easy access to printers, top-speed WiFi, meeting rooms, coffee and snacks. It’s the small things. And beyond aesthetics, practicality should be your priority. Lots of spaces have a community kitchen, shared spaces, and booths for taking calls. Gym, patios, and complimentary drinks often come as part of the package too. Sometimes you need more of a reason to leave the comfort of your home office, whether it be free yoga classes or free beers.

8. Low Overhead Cost

For small businesses, leasing a private office not only is expensive but represents a big, long-term risk. Coworking spaces give you access to private offices more affordably and without the commitment of a lease. At LiquidSpace you can book coworking spaces by the hour, day or month. You never have to worry about overhead costs or contracts. You simply pay for on-demand usage or a monthly membership.

9. Networking Opportunities

Research shows that coworking members interact with an average of 1 to 4 members per day. A coworking space greatly enhances your likelihood of meeting new people, and interacting with people with different jobs or from different industries. And because of the highly social culture that most coworking spaces foster, 86% of workers have expanded their personal networks just by joining a collaborative workspace. This inevitably broadens your social network and can even lead to new career or business opportunities.

10. Work-Life Balance and Structure

One of the primary reasons people work outside a traditional office is the innate desire to balance work with other obligations. But working from home can blur the line between your work life and your private life. After all, working from home presents a lot of distractions. It can be challenging to work effectively if your family, pets, TV, or bed is nearby. Going to a coworking space helps to restore work-life separation by giving you a place out of your home (without the hassle of a commute) where you can be in work mode.


Work in a coworking space is a perfect way to break up the monotony of working from home. This collaborative environment may offer just the right mix of benefits for your workdays. 89% of workers report that they are happier since joining a coworking space.

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