Our Space Marbella - How Coworking Spaces Are Changing The Future of Work


Thanks to the consequences of the pandemic and the rise of hybrid work,
coworking is one of the fastest-growing sectors, and it is only predicted to continue increasing beyond 2023.
Over 28,000 coworking spaces are available worldwide as of June 2022. There are more than 6,200 only in the US.
The Possibility of Interacting with Others:

There is a proverb that states, “Experience is the best teacher.” While this may be the case, it is also possible to benefit from other people’s experiences. Our success as a species is largely attributed to our capacity to communicate with and work with others.

According to research, regardless of the disparities in their respective sectors of employment, for workers to bond, they must engage in an environment that allows them to be near one another. Through places created expressly for socializing, coworking spaces provide its members with this closeness.

Imagine a space where experts from various areas can meet, have coffee, and discuss their most recent work. Because of the environment, participants can without needing to plan particular gatherings for networking, people may connect with one another.

Coworking spaces thus symbolize the future of work since they give their members the chance for social engagement, professional cooperation, and networking in addition to providing essential business infrastructure. In coworking spaces, employees may network with other professionals, companies, freelancers, and company owners. They exchange knowledge and build beneficial partnerships where everyone may learn from each other’s errors and achievements through this link.


Coworking spaces’ impact on employee productivity is another way in which they are influencing the nature of work in the future. Deskmag and Deskwanted conducted research that found 74% of their employees were more productive in coworking facilities.

Office workers spend a lot of time inside the building where they work, and various studies have shown that the atmosphere has a significant impact on how well they execute their jobs and how productive they are.

The comfort of the members is considered when designing the typical coworking space. The layout of the room is carefully considered, as well as the seating, lighting, temperature, air quality, and noise levels. This guarantees that their participants have everything they require to be inspired and productive.


In the workplace, creativity is crucial for problem-solving, expanding one’s horizons, and contributing original viewpoints. These are available in coworking spaces, which also encourage employee innovation.

Coworking spaces, for one thing, offer a dynamic environment through distinctive room designs, colors, and natural light. These rooms are great for brainstorming because some of them include whiteboards and markers. The varied crowd that frequents these places also fosters innovation by exchanging various viewpoints and expertise.

More Versatility:

Members of coworking spaces have a lot of freedom when it comes to location and hours. The research found that allowing employees to choose their own workplace and work hours is crucial for their well-being.

Starting with the layout of the facility, freedom is provided to the workforce. Depending on their needs, employees can choose from a variety of workstations. With other individuals present in the open workplaces, they can work alone in private spaces. They may unwind and socialize in the allocated lounges in addition to holding meetings in their assigned rooms.

Additionally, these areas provide flexibility in terms of timetables. In general, employees are free to choose their own schedules and work whenever they are inspired.


Last but not least, coworking spaces support the success of both people and companies. They make sure employees have everything they require right away, including workspace, office supplies, and flexibility. When members sign up for coworking spaces, they are relieved of the responsibility of setting up a suitable physical workspace. Since the rest is taken care of for them, they can devote all of their efforts to doing their duties.

Coworking spaces offer a great deal of potential to shape the way we work in the future. Working together, exchanging expertise, and offering support to one another, independent contractors, workers, and company owners are fostering cooperation through these places. Coworking spaces have earned their proper position in the future of work because of the many advantages they provide.